The Author

Author, Speaker, Consultant and Entrepreneur Natascha Slemenjak Podobnik, MSc is a professional language coach and sales expert working with ambitious individuals and business people to improve their language skills and to strengthen their relationships with clients and German-speaking people.

During her 17-year career in this field, Natascha has worked with a great number of individuals who have successfully improved their language skills, allowing them to experience numerous benefits in their personal and professional lives.

Natascha is an experienced Professor of German Language and has a Master's Degree in Modern German Language. Due to her almost life-long passion for psychology, human behaviour, NLP, learning strategies, and the functioning of the brain she also specialized in these areas so she could make her teaching and coaching more effective and accelerate her clients' learning processes.

She emphasizes that every individual learns in his/her own way, that's why her special language coaching, in which the German native speaker integrates proven cognitive techniques, became so effective.

Being a mediator, a personal transformation breakthrough coach, a meditation practitioner, an NLP in sales practitioner, and a Top Selling Professional© has helped her create extremely effective language learning programs following her Ternacom™ method.

The polyglot, who is fluent in 5 languages, has worked as a lecturer for business German for the Slovene Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, for the project Munera3, funded by the European Commission. Due to her excellent language skills, she was one of the German native speakers to record for the National Examinations Centre, a central institution for the external assessment of pupils, apprentices, students and adults in Slovenia.

Having gathered all this precious experience in different areas, this knowledge enables her to support language learners so they can reach their full potential and acquire language fluency in a more effective, efficient and fun way.

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