Your personal and professional progress as well as your success are very important to me. That's why it's always a pleasure to see and to read your positive feedback as well as to celebrate your achievements. This means that you have got a lot of value from my programs and improved the areas that we have worked on. I'm so happy to have supported you in achieving your goals.  
Thank you for your trust.

Natascha Slemenjak Podobnik, MSc


“Working with Natascha and following her program has brought me amazing results.”

I immediately increased my motivation to learn German and gained the much-needed self-confidence to speak German and to overcome the fear of using it.

I got very helpful advice on how to learn on my own and be as efficient as possible. These language and learning skills will definitely be an advantage when moving to Switzerland!  I'm so grateful for her help! I gained the desired language skills in a very short amount of time and having an expert and a native speaker by my side was of immense help. Truly invaluable!

I absolutely recommend Natascha’s programs to all language learners who want fast results, gained through far more appealing approaches than the standard boring school-based lessons, and learn through interesting and effective explanations with lots of fun and amazing shortcuts.

PS: Her visual aids are amazing and are really useful tools! I love them!

Zana Lukman

“The tips and tricks that Natascha gives make learning German so much easier. These tricks not only help you learn German more efficiently, but are also applicable in many other areas as well!”

Many language learners say sentences like "What if I make a mistake when speaking German?" or "I'd rather not speak because I don't want to make mistakes." Natascha knows how to motivate you and immediately removes the doubts and takes away your fear of speaking German.

I absolutely recommend her programs to all learners who want to learn German more effectively and spice it up with fun and ease.

Natascha is also a great listener and knows how to create a positive atmosphere during live conversations. Moreover, if you want to learn just one specific topic, she has the knowledge and tools to help you acquire the language skills fast.  

Working with Natascha has definitely been a positive experience. With her support you not only get the language skills you need, but so much more!  

Sara Marinc

"Natascha's programs are great and you can tell immediately that she is full of knowledge that she wants to share with others to help them become successful."

I attended Natascha’s coaching program for Sales Professionals because I wanted to gain helpful tips for selling and working with customers. I wanted to correct the mistakes I make in sales and learn proven techniques for closing deals, therefore working with Natascha who's a sales expert seemed self-evident to me.

Before the program, I wasn't familiar with the amazing techniques for successful communication with customers, nor with the proven strategies for effective presentations of services or products that allowed me to close deals more effectively.  

I gained a lot of useful information and strategies in Natascha's program – I really liked all the practical examples that I can use at work now, her useful resources and scripts and the fantastic techniques for resolving objections.  

I had been to other sales workshops before I met Natascha, but I haven’t learned more than the basics there - Natascha’s program was an incredible upgrade!  

I am sure that the information and strategies I gained will bring me many more successful results. These are things that benefit not only in business but for life!  

I recommend Natascha's programs to everyone, absolutely everyone! If you want to learn how to communicate effectively with customers, how to actively listen to them and how to notice their signals that indicate their willingness to buy, or if they have any concerns, Natascha is the right person to go to. Anyone who hasn’t yet decided to work with Natascha, is missing out on an amazing opportunity to increase their own sales and build genuine customer relationships! Her programs are great and you can tell immediately that she is full of knowledge that she wants to share with others to help them become successful. Natascha, keep up the good work! You're doing great!

Blaz Dobrovoljc
CEO & IT Specialist

“With the help of the knowledge that I got from Natascha I became a lot more sovereign at speaking German in business conversations.”

I decided to take part in a German business course to upgrade my German language skills.

Working with Natascha made me realize that she's one of the best teachers I have ever had. She knows how to spread good energy and how to enthuse participants.

During her course I learnt many new elements for business conversations with German-speaking clients. With Natascha's help I made important improvements, upgraded my language skills and became a more confident speaker.

I'd like to point out three things that absolutely enriched the business course: (1) the good energy delivered by the teacher, (2) many new useful phrases and (3) the huge amount of really useful vocabulary that I can use at work to improve my communication with German-speaking clients.

Natascha's sovereignty is amazing!

Nada G.
Area sales manager

“The skills I gained by working with Natascha immediately influenced my work with German-speaking clients in a very positive way.”

I decided to take a business course to improve my sales skills because I work with German-speaking clients.

Working with Natascha, who is a sales expert and also a German native speaker and an experienced language coach, improved my communication skills significantly.    

I immediately got better at communicating with our German-speaking clients.    

I recommend her business programs to everyone who wants to improve their communication skills and become more successful and effective in talking to clients.    

I'd like to emphasize that Natascha is an excellent language coach - always positive, very friendly and full of knowledge.

I really enjoyed her program. 

Teja Bregar
Sales specialist

"After completing Natascha's program, I found it much easier to communicate with German-speaking clients."

I decided to attend a business communication program to improve my German language skills I need at work.
After completing Natascha's the program, I noticed I found it much easier to communicate with business partners and other German-speaking acquaintances.  

Natascha’s intensive business communication course brings visible results.    

I recommend her programs to anyone who wants to become more effective in sales conversations with clients and business partners.  

I really have to emphasize Natascha’s expertise, openness and ease of teaching and coaching.  

Ales Kopitar
Sales specialist and Key account manager

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